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Learn how to play piano online with 24/7 access to world-renowned pianist, David Sides, for the cost of only a few piano lessons.


Learn your favorites from Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Beethoven, The Beatles and more, complete with orchestrated backing tracks.


Play a note right it turns green, play it wrong, it turns red. Earn scores, rewards and level up. Feel like the rockstar you are and record your performance with our background tracks turned on.


Learn keyboard skills, rhythm, notation, and how to play by ear through the lens of your favorite songs. Learn fast and have fun doing it!

Music was made to be played

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"It’s the best way to learn piano from the convenience of your own home. Satisfying, reliable, entertaining."

- Yamaha MusicSoft

"The goal is to make music right away, and Playground does a fantastic job of making that a reality.""

- Yamaha MusicSoft

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Listen to 72 year-old Stan Winokur share his experience of learning piano from David Sides and the ease of learning to play for the first time with Playground Sessions interactive learning environment.

Watch Will White perform his favorite song on a roof top in New York City after learning how to play the piano in less than 30 days with Playground’s online piano lessons!

Roger Cape Town

How much fun the system is! It is a great! The best I've seen yet! Such a great example of online learning working! Inspiring!

Ricky Joyce Milltown NJ

It makes practicing fun and challenging! I don't stop a section until I get 100%!
It's so motivating!

Buck Cottage Grove, Oregon

The program is done in a professional, fun and easy to follow format. An excellent program for all ages.

Music was made to be played

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#1 Rated

"David Sides is a natural when it comes to teaching, and his video tutorials are easy to watch and keep you engaged." - Top Ten Reviews

10 / 10

"Playground Sessions takes a unique approach to teaching piano that engages you with a fresh batch of music and relatable concepts to motivate you." - Top Ten Reviews

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