What is Playground Sessions?

Revolutionary Piano Learning Software Co-created by Music Legend Quincy Jones.

Combines the most advanced technology with video tutorials and elements of gaming.

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Enjoy an immersive environment of discovery and interaction where you learn faster and have more fun in the process.
Sometimes it takes a living legend to shape the future generations of musicians.

Play Songs You Know and Love

Playground Sessions innovative piano software teaches you how to play the piano with interactive lessons featuring your favorite songs. When you love the tune and know the rhythm, the learning comes more naturally and quickly.

Pick from Pop, Rock, Classic Hits, R&B, Traditional, and Classical genres. Rookie, Intermediate and Advanced arrangements are available.

Play To Learn™ Music Theory

If you love listening to music, then you already know more music theory than you think you do. That's why Playground takes popular music you know and love and uses its beats and rhythms to demonstrate musical concepts as you go.

Playground's Bootcamp has hours of interactive video tutorials and practice sessions featuring your favorite songs to help you find your way around the keyboard, to teach you notation, rhythm, and playing by ear. Take a personalized Rookie, Intermediate or Advanced Tour.

Play with an Inspiring Teacher

Since his rendition of "Apologize" on the piano, David Sides' talent has earned him over 175 million views on YouTube. As a YouTube sensation, David has been invited to play all over the world. David's genius is in his unique arrangements and his fun and engaging teaching style.

Play with Interactive Piano Video Lessons

Playground has hours of in-depth piano video lessons featuring David Sides who is available to you 24/7. David breaks down your favorite songs and music theory concepts one step at a time, showing you how to play, and then inviting you to play along with him. David is with you all the way with constructive feedback and helpful pointers.

Play with Real-Time Feedback & Scores

Playground's groundbreaking technology provides interactive feedback. Play a note right, it turns green; play it wrong, it turns red; play it close, it turns pink. If you need to focus on a particular part, select the section, then loop over it until you get it right. Stay fully motivated as you try to beat your last score.

Play with Progress Visualizations

Keeping an eye on how you're progressing helps you learn. Playground piano training software translates your data into easy-to-read charts so you can see how much time you've spent, how you're progressing and where you're improving over time. Of course these charts will also let you know where more time is needed!

Plays like a Game

Playground piano training software awards scores and badges for achievements like accuracy of notes, mastering the Bootcamp, or playing with both hands. For competitive types, you can see how you stack up on our Leaderboard.

Feel like the rockstar you are and switch on our background tracks to surround your solos. You've got an entire band or orchestra backing you up. Record your performance.

Play with Friends. Record and Share your Performance.

Get by with a little help from your friends or showoff your newest recordings. Once you feel good about how you're playing, Playground piano software has built-in features that make it super easy to broadcast your scores, badges and recordings. Invite your friends to learn along with you, or challenge them to the highest score.

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