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Makes learning as much fun as playing! Play your favorite songs!

Fast and Fun, 24/7 access, play at your pace!

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Enjoy an immersive environment of discovery and interaction where you learn faster and have more fun in the process.
Combines the most advanced technology with video tutorials and elements of gaming.


Learn how to play piano online with 24/7 access to world-renowned pianist, David Sides, for the cost of only a few piano lessons.


Learn your favorites from Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Beethoven, The Beatles and more, complete with orchestrated backing tracks.


Learn keyboard skills, rhythm, notation, and to play by ear through the lens of your favorite songs. Learn fast and have fun doing it!

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Playground Sessions Overview

Hear Playground co-creator, Quincy Jones, and CEO, Chris Vance, talk about how Playground Sessions works, who it works for, and what makes it revolutionary, in this overview video.

Learn to Play in Less Than 30 Days!!!

Watch Will White learn to play the piano and perform his favorite song on the roof top of a New York City building in less than 30 days!

User Testimonials

Listen to 72 year-old Stan Winokur share his experience of playing the piano for the first time using Playground Sessions.

More Testimonials

"Overall it's absolutely superb."
- Mark White, South Africa

"I've tried a few music programs and Playground is light years ahead of any software I've ever tried."
- Joseph Belcher, Kansas City, MO

"I like playing with background music. It's like a game for me. I really enjoy playing with playground"
- Melody, Singapore

"I recommended Playground to my co-workers. My son, who never touched a keyboard was playing after about 3 hours!"
- Chris, Los Angeles, CA

  • Quincy Jones is the all-time most nominated Grammy Artist with a total of 79 nominations and 27 awards including a Grammy Legend Award. Quincy was the producer of the best-selling album of all-time, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and the producer and conductor of the historic "We Are The World" recording. He also produced Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall" and "Bad" albums.

    Named by Time Magazine as one of the six most influential jazz musicians of the 20th Century, Quincy Jones stands in a class of his own.

    Product Review, Yamaha Music Interactive

    "The program is aptly named Playground Sessions, as underscored by their tag line, Play to Learn. The goal is to make music right away, and Playground does a fantastic job of making that a reality."

    "It is a remarkable program, both in functionality and in style. I especially like the iTunes-like music store, where users can learn to play songs from a library that spans everything from Beethoven to Beyoncé."

    "The graphical presentation of song titles is inspiring enough, but it's the content that sets it apart from the competition. David Sides, the program's on-screen teacher, offers instruction in a captivating and comforting tone, drawing the user in with a perfectly-paced delivery. This is the guy that you'd like to have as a personal teacher."

    "Playground Sessions is the program many people have been waiting for. Satisfying, reliable, entertaining. It's the best way to learn piano from the comfort of your own home."

    Jason Nyberg,
    Marketing Manager for Yamaha Music Interactive

    User Testimonials

    "Best self taught piano teaching software out there! ... I can proudly say now that I am a piano player!"

    Chad Osinksi, Ohio
    "Last week all I could play was 'Mary had a little lamb.' After 2.5 hours on Playground I can now play 'Apologize' by One Republic. I'm excited!"

    Yoom Nguyen
    "The hands on experience with the Bootcamp Lessons makes playing the piano a lot more fun and allows me to learn a lot quicker."

    Robert Bisquera, Santa Barbara, Ca
    "Everything about PGS is an advantage! It isn't just useful, it's FUN!! It's like a Game!! Playground in one word, 'Great!'"

    Lloyd Geway, Holland
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    What You Need to Get Started

    • Acoustic Piano, Digital Piano, Portable Keyboard or MIDI Controller
    • Windows or Mac Computer
    • USB Cable or MIDI-to-USB Cable to connect keyboard to your computer for full interactivity and gaming features.

    What You Get

    • Over 30 hours of video lessons; Hundreds of interactive lessons (a $300 value)
    • Real-time feedback, marks every note correct or incorrect in real-time
    • Fully orchestrated backing instruments so you feel part of a band
    • Bootcamp Music Curriculum, guided tours from Rookie to Advanced
    • Access to an inspirational music teacher, YouTube Sensation David Sides
    • Scores, progress charts, badges, leaderboards
    • Record your performance and share with friends

    Who is Playground For

    • Those looking to play their favorite songs right away
    • Those just starting out
    • Those looking for a refresher course
    • Those looking to learn to read notation, sight read
    • Those looking to learn to play by ear
    • Experienced players who want to play in an interactive environment

    Digital piano connected to a computer with a USB cable. MIDI-to-USB Cable

    To take full advantage of Playground's interactivity and gaming features, use a MIDI or USB keyboard to connect to your computer.

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