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Best Online Piano Lessons for Beginners and Novices

#1 on TopTenReviews for 2016

01/01/2016 / Source

If you want to use software to learn to play piano, there is no better platform than Playground Sessions. Read full article >


04/18/2013 / Source

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions in Los Angeles, is still busy at 80; he spent Wednesday night pitching his new online venture... Read full article >

Yamaha and Quincy Jones’ Playground Sessions Team Up to Increase Access to Piano Education In the Home

12/03/2013 / Source

Yamaha and Quincy Jones’ Playground Sessions Team Up to Increase Access to Piano Education In the Home... Read full article >


02/19/2013 / Source

Quincy Jones' Startup Gamifies Your Piano Lessons. Playground Sessions has been in development for more than three years now... Read full article >


05/06/2013 / Source

How to learn an instrument in 2013. The app Playground Sessions allows you to learn the piano while playing some of today's most popular songs.. Read full article >


02/19/2013 / Source

Playground Sessions Exits Beta To Teach Budding Pianists How To Play. Playground Sessions, a New York-based startup... Read full article >

AP / Yahoo Music

02/19/2013 / Source

Quincy Jones says he has co-created the music version of Rosetta Stone... Read full article >


04/19/2013 / Source

Quincy Jones is still at the forefront of music tech with his piano learning startup Playground Sessions. Read full article >


04/19/2013 / Source

Quincy Jones, the music legend who produced Michael Jackson’s Thriller album and has the record for the most Grammy Award nominations, is one of the creators of Playground Sessions. Read full article >


04/18/2013 / Source

Quincy Jones' New Playground Sessions Targets Music Education Read full article >


04/18/2013 / Source

Quincy Jones Evolves Music Education With Playground Sessions Read full article >


09/18/2012 / Source

Playground Sessions wants to be the Rosetta Stone of piano lessons--with a dash of Guitar Hero for good measure... Read full article >


09/12/2012 / Source

Music-lesson CDs are boring, and Guitar Hero doesn’t teach anything. But Playground Sessions, three years in the making, works astonishingly well at teaching the piano... Read full article >

Games For Learning Institute

12/02/2011 / Source

...triple-A games such as Guitar Hero and Rockband to the often dull and tedious world of learning to play... Read full article >


12/02/2011 / Source

Playground Sessions is a new music learning system from BBH unit Zag... Read full article >


11/28/2011 / Source

Playground Sessions reinvents piano lessons.. Read full article >

Cool Hunting

11/23/2011 / Source

A new software program trains aspiring pianists through interactive learning... Read full article >


11/03/2011 / Source

Music lessons for the 21st century....Read full article >