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Keyboard Info

In order to reap the benefits of Playground's interactive features, use a MIDI/USB keyboard or digital piano with the software application. Though a 49-key keyboard will be able to accommodate our Rookie and Intermediate arrangements, a 61-key keyboard will offer more comfort when you play and allow for more freedom to choose arrangements, including advanced arrangements.

There are two main types of MIDI & USB keyboards you could choose from depending on your preferences.

Tips for Connecting Your Keyboard

  • Find a keyboard with a USB connection (most keyboards made after 2000 have USB capability). If your keyboard does not have a USB connection but has a MIDI connection, you will need to purchase a MIDI-to-USB cable.
  • Most keyboard manufacturers require a driver download in order for the keyboard to properly function. You can find your keyboard's driver on the manufacturer's website. A missing driver may prevent your keyboard from being recognized by the Playground Sessions application.