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Customer Testimonials - The Best Way to Learn to Play the Piano

Joseph Belcher, Kansas City, MO

I've tried a few music programs and Playground is light years ahead of any software I've ever tried.

Julian, Sydney, Australia

I have a Korg Kronos X which I love but was looking for a tutorial tool which would help me to improve my keyboard skills and have fun while doing it. Playground sessions is perfect for me as I can stop and start when ever I have time available and learn at my own pace all while chasing the song that I would like to learn.

Hans, Bethesda MD

I have been completely satisfied, the video lesson are concise and helpful. The interactive sheet music is amazing.

J Hamilton, England, UK

I hoped to get the basics down and have fun, this product delivered on both.

Nice simple layout and it gets results if you put in a small amount of effort. The lessons included are very good and easy to follow.

Kevin, Charlotte

I was a new student looking for an outlet to compliment my formal piano lessons. The access to playing at home, learning new music and practicing at my leisure is a bonus.

Jason, Cheslock, Green Bay, WI

It is the best learn to play piano software I have used. I probably tried most of them available.

Dan Brown, Kentucky, USA

I would recommend Playground because I think the concept is genius. The concept of this software, the visual teaching, the real-time feedback and the gradient approach to learning with Left Hand, then Right Hand, basic, intermediate, advanced, etc. is brilliant and is really going to change the ability to make piano lessons fun, interesting and less expensive.

Tamsin Bam, South Africa

I wanted to learn how to play the piano but do not have the time to go to lessons. Also, when you go to lessons, you come home and practice it all wrong. With Playground you can have your lessons whenever you like, for as long as you like, and when you practice you can see exactly where you are going wrong. I also really like the fact that you can see improvement with every lesson and that you start with modern songs that are fun to play.

Stephen King, Potomac, Maryland

I have ordered "teaching piano lessons" (DVDs, CDs, Workbooks) advertised on the Internet before -- but was not satisfied with their product. I like the "interactive" computer/keyboard display and your instructor's presentation.

I also liked the price! I am hoping to advance my "play by ear chord skills" to a higher level.

Stevie Clark

I would recommend Playground. It’s awesome. Clever application and makes me happy.

Eddie Acosta, New York

I have played guitar for years. I always wanted to play the piano/keyboards but I just couldn't face learning a new instrument from scratch - playing "When the Saints go Marching In," or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Don't know if it was my ego or just the lack of motivation but basic lessons did not seem appealing. When I saw Playground Sessions with the selection of popular songs and multi-media instruction, I had to give it a try. Glad I did!

It works, it's fun and you learn songs, progressions and chords you will actually use in playing pop music.You work it in your time frame - great for busy schedules. Economical compared to traditional lessons.

Ken, Malaysia

It’s a great way to learn piano

Carlos, California

To learn to play piano from one of the most inspiring pianist(David Sides) but the idea of actually learning piano without a teacher physically next to you. I’m hoping playground will continue to grow but also make the user also improve into a pianist.

I would most definitely recommend PS, in my honest opinion it has the best idea for people to learn piano besides the little flaws here and there. However, Playground Sessions is only going to improve and the support from the PS team is awesome.

Nikki, Sydney

I would recommend Playground. Modern, fun, convenient, affordable way to learn and hone your piano skills...

So pleased by how motivated I'm feeling - playing every day!

Chris, Los Angeles

I recommended Playground to my co-workers. My son, who never touched a keyboard was playing after about 3 hours!

I've played many instruments in my past, but the steps and scales bootcamp lesson was something I'd never been taught and was an amazing eye-opener.

Raul E Toro

I recommend playground because it is a self contained 24/7 teacher that you’d have available at your disposition.

It surprised me the amount of material available eventhough for expert or advance level

Michael Nogas, Ottawa, ON

I was searching for piano software and this had the best reviews. I was hoping for an interactive piano software which made it easy to find sheet music I liked.

I enjoy the point system, as it motivates me even when I'm struggling.

Teddy Acosta Houston

I was waiting for a program like playground for a long time to read music and play along it, i love it

Ade, UK

Simple way of learning piano. Broken down into simple steps.

Philip, Belgium

I have a busy schedule and I was looking for a way to learn music theory (notes, scales, chords,..) in combination with learning the piano. I could find a lot of tutorials on the internet, but I needed something that covered the whole package from A to Z. When I was searching on the internet, I came across PS, the ideal solution to my problem.

A. Vanderheijden, Walpole, MA

To actually learn to play the piano without taking expensive lessons.

I was actually able to play songs with both hands in less than a month

Titusville, Florida

I signed up to be able to have my wife learn piano from scratch, and for me (who already knows how to play piano) to play songs. Playground satisfies these desires with flying colors.

Diane McD, UK

I have wanted to learn piano all my life and now have time to do it. Looked for a comprehensive programme that was new and growing and at a price that is affordable

Marjorie Barrie, Ontario Canada

I wanted to learn how to play the piano. Can read the treble clef and manage the right hand and simple chords but wanted to play more complicated pieces. Life time membership cost was a great value. Had researched other online formats and was attracted to the selection of contemporary music.

Extremely pleased with online chat support as Chris was able to resolve my small problems which allowed me to get back to playing quickly. David's lesson presentation is well suited for the adult learner.

Dan Falvey London

Always wanted to play piano. Tried many times and gave up. Liked the idea of instant feedback and the endorsement of Quincy Jones and the instruction by David Sides.

There's nothing else quite like it. Good that it works with midi only keyboards unlike some other piano software and the interface is really nice and has a modern look to it. The customer service is excellent!

Jon, Pittsburgh, PA

I'm 35 and want to learn to play the piano. I was hoping for something that would teach me the basics in a thorough, yet understandable way.

Alan Overton, UK

To get a better grasp off music theory, Learn to play popular songs

Aaron Emilio, Portland, Or

The instruction video's made learning seem easy..and they are great they really do help

Wojciech, UK

Reliable learning software that I could use any time of day and night. Unfortunately I don't have a lifestyle suitable for regular classes during sociable hours.

Pleased with the accuracy of the software, and the fact that I could get very far in my education without the need for private tuition.

Judy, Asheville, NC

I wanted to learn on my own. I was hoping that the software would do what it was advertised to do, and IT DID!

I have enjoyed using the interactive sheet music. I love how I can select and practice a few measures at a time and adjust the speed. I have learned to play fairly difficult pieces (for a beginner) quickly. The music selections are so much better than what is typically found in a beginner's book.

Filipe Guerino, Brazil

I wanted to learn the songs I liked to listen to the piano. And PlayGround Sessions is fantastic, easily, and quickly learned a lot!

Melody, Singapore

Lifetime membership & discount. I like playing with background music, and the accompaniment is nice. It's like a game for me.

I must say i really enjoy playing with playground

Isidor, Slovanie

To learn playing the piano in an easy way - not too serious - on my own pace. It is a good idea to move on in short steps, combined with good and easy arrangements and gathering points.

E.D., California

I signed up for Playground in order to improve my piano skills. I was hoping to get better at sight-reading and playing.

I love the option to switch between fingering notation or nothing. The interactive music sheets are fantastic and perfect for me.

JiříKrůček, Czech Republic

The way I can learn playing the piano - great application and a lot of beautiful songs to choose from. It is all up to me when and where I will practice

Joseph Lux, Berlin Germany

To better my piano skills and overall musicianship as a vocalist.

Martin, Germany

To learn piano with a good mixture of theoretical and practical excercises. To study at my own pace and whenever I want to, rather then having a fixed schedule for the lessons.

Dan, Irvine, CA

I was looking for a paced learning method for piano and easy to understand interface. I've taken lessons and passed college level music theory and piano skills courses, but I was always disappointed that I only knew how to play minuets and beginner arias when I was done. I wanted a contemporary approach to learning the basics of piano with music that I grew up with and listen to currently on the radio.

I was exceptionally pleased with the ease of the setup process. The step by step instructions that I went through took care of everything that I needed to do to get my piano working, and familiarized me with the interface without dragging me through an intensely monotonous "Introduction." I just want to play piano! The courses were extremely easy to understand but kept up my interest because I was able to learn quickly. I can choose to follow through with the video lessons if I need a little more guidance, or I can plunge right into the practice mode if I'm already feeling confident.

Lora Silagy, Colorado

I wanted a way for my kids to learn to read and play music with songs that they know and enjoy.

Trevor May, Brighton, UK

I was looking for something to re-teach me to play the piano (I stopped 30 years ago) and expand and improve my abilities.

Danielle, Atlanta

I was hoping for an experience where I could go at my own pace but have good techniques on how to learn and get better at playing the keyboard. I was familiar with David Sides from YouTube before Playground existed and thought his skills were excellent. When I saw he the leading instructor for the lessons, and saw how the boot camps were structured with an interactive element, it swayed me to sign up. I wanted something with structure that was also interactive. Something I could plug up via MIDI so I could be guided as I played and get real time feedback. Lesson books are structured, but they don't give feedback, track your progress, correct you if you play it wrong, or show you how to play the song you're trying to learn.

I would recommend Playground because it gives you the advantage of having a personal instructor right from your computer. You play along with the software and it serves as an interactive guide on your playing abilities, correcting you and praising you when appropriate. It's a great way to learn at your own pace - just plug your keyboard into the computer and start. It also has modern songs available for purchase, so if you want to alternate between boot camps and sheet music, you can do it. Overall it's a great interactive tool for learning the keyboard.

Joanna Gillett, British Columbia, Canada

I saw a review on the "Top 10 Reviews" website, so I did some research. They listed it as #1 so I watched some videos of David Sides and some previews of the lessons. I really enjoyed his engaging personality, and liked the idea of learning through playing popular songs and having videos. I was trying to learn from a book, which isn't bad but like having more video input such as Playground gives.

I am very pleased with Playground. Going through the interactive lessons is great, makes you want to keep going. I find myself up late at night because I get so into it. One of the best interactive piano software lessons out there. I also like the fact that it is software and you can download the lessons instead of having streaming video.

Jordan, Lompoc

To be able to learn the piano and a better understanding of music theory

Oscar Merino, Mexico

I wanted to learn play piano and Playground it is a great solution for people who work and need to learn by it self at his own time. I saw the the videos you have on internet and I really like the way David explain and the way to learn by this Playground application. I am hoping to play to many songs with different difficulty.

Dan Kenney, Mountain House, California

The methodology and the care in breaking down the song into digestible parts is fabulous. I am amazed at how quickly I am progressing. The ability to develop both hands is progressing much faster than I would have imagined. Also the periodic badges and progress reports are great features and promote daily practice.

Joe, Silsbee Tx

I like how user friendly it is

Riley, Clifton, Virginia

The metrics which tracks my time and the "awards" I receive for showing improvement...nothing has displeased me yet...

Mike, Chicago

I'm really happy iwth the program, it is everything I thought it would be.

Henry Bliss

Always pleased by excellent customer service.

Christie Modesti, Valencia CA

My kids enjoy the videos and find it easy to learn from. The format is great!

Ruth, Scotland

Surprised and pleased that both hands are used from the start; that fingers reachout of the basic five-finger position right from the start; and by the very clever way that songs are simplified and gradually, gradually made more complex in easy stages in boot camp.

Cheri Holstein, Boise, ID

I am very impressed with the on-line and phone support you offer. I'm also very pleased with the lessons themselves and the instructor.

Roger, Cape Town

How much fun your system is! I love playing against the backing instruments. Things have started to click into place even though I haven't had a huge amount of time practicing. I also noticed that you have innovative ways of teaching the theory, which make the process intuitive and just make sense.

I have already recommended Playground to several people! It is a great system! The best I've sen yet! Such a great example of online learning working! Inspiring!

Karl Ivar Dahl, Norway

I’d recommend Playground to others because it’s fun!

Przemek, Poland

To find an easy way to return to playing piano after a 13 years' long break in playing.

I have already recommended Playground to several people! It is a great system! The best I've seen yet! Such a great example of online learning working! Inspiring!


Overall I'd say good bang for the buck.

Phil, UK

The interactive way of learning is brilliant.

Renato, Italy

I was surprised by the speed in being able to play a song by myself

Mark White, South Africa

Overall it's absolutely superb.

Rob Edyvean, London

Excellent Customer Service. Excellent Product.

Mary, Scotland

I was surprised how easy it was a to learn a tune end to end

Frank, England

It is very good for beginners. It is SO EASY.

Hans, Chicago

I like the ability to play in 'perform' mode. The immediate feedback on accuracy helps one want to get it 'perfect'. Especially good with helping keep time.

Marcus Majart, Belgium

I was very interested about this totally new way to learn piano. The fact that there's a very modern list of songs is an awesome thing for me. I don't like very much the classic music and so with this software I'm happy!

The interface is very nice, the colours are very soft and it's really pleasant to look at it. And in general the way to use the software is really user friendly.

For me, it's for the moment the best way to learn piano when you don't go to lessons or have a teacher that comes besides you. But anyway even if you follow lessons, you can always use the software, it's THE thing to have when you learn piano!

Tom, Phoenixville, PA

Love the video training. Very engaging.

Ricky Joyce, Milltown NJ

It makes practicing fun and challenging! I don't stop a section until I get 100%! It's so motivating!

Steve Byers, Berthoud, Colorado

I've recommended Playground to several people. I think the immediate feedback aspect of the system is the most valuable part. Also, go at my own pace, easily switching back and forth between finger/note/no notation is great. Playground makes learning to play more fun than anything I've ever tried before. Of course, you still have to work at it, making it fun doesn't mean you learn without some effort!

Matt, South Dakota

Surprised by how much content is available.

Jermaine, San Manteo, CA

I was surprised at how easy the curriculum is to follow and I love the interactive approach! It's nice to see when I'm playing to correct or incorrect keys/chords but it's also a nice feature to click on the sheet music to show how to correctly play each key/chord.

David Wedgbury, RedditchWorchestershire UK

It does make learning so very easy

Buck, Cottage Grove, Oregon

The program is done in a professional, fun and easy to follow format. It makes you want to continue and hone your skills without drudgery and boredom. An excellent program for all ages.

Jessica, New Jersey

I wanted to sign up for playground because I like to learn at my own pace. I Started out with a piano teacher, but then quit because I felt too much pressure to learn quickly, and not make mistakes.

I would definitely recommend playground to others becuase it's a fun way to learn how to play the piano. I love that i can get extra help with the boot camp lessons, and see my progress on a song. Also when I'm practicing I like how the song is broken down, and by that I mean one can learn the intro, first verse, and chorus at a time. It's not overwhelming. The lessons are separated into left hand lessons and right hand lessons, and once you get the hang of it you can now practice playing with both hands. It's great!

E.D. California

It’s simply fantastic.


I think that this new technology is the future of music.

Tamsin Bam, South Africa

I was surprised by how easy it was. Using Playground is nothing like the horror piano lessons my mom described herself having when she was a little girl. I have a friend who went for physical lessons before I started using Playground and I am already more advanced than she is.

The whole set-up is just genius.

It is a totally different way of learning piano. It is, in my mind, far superior to the tradinional methods. You learn everything you need to know, it is always fun and you don't lose interest. There's nothing worse than only being able to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star after spending hundreds on lessons.The interactive nature of the program means that you constantly practice the 'right way'. There is no chance to pick up bad habits that then have to be beaten out of you in your next lesson. For me this is the most important thing.

Martin, Germany

The lessons have a really easy starting point and you don't need any knowledge before.

Ray Cole, San Antonio, Tx

I would absolutely recommend playground to anyone want to learn to play

Lora Silagy, Colorado

I have already recommended Playground numerous times via FB. It's lessons are broken down into small digestible chunks that can even keep a child's attention. It's an amazing format!

V.P., Israel

Easy and fun interface, no pressure, you can learn at your own rate

Robert, Mexico

The good: Great lessons overall.


Very easy system to use

Carlos Fond, Panama

I am pleased with all the features of the program.

I think it is a great program for people that do not have the time to sit for piano lessons but instead have all the time in the world to learn to play piano at their own pace.

Nik Rush, Miami Florida

I am absolutely satisfied. I've been longing to learn chords, and I understand them now. The videos are engaging, the practices are challenging, and the navigation is charming.


Not much to say except I love it!

Jim Scott, Scotland

Would recommend as start up costs are minimum and you learn in your own time and at your own pace and at your own skill level

Oscar Merino, Mexico

It is a great experience to use Playground for people like me that just have time after work to learn play piano, I can learn at my own rhythm, the user interface it is excellent, the option that you have to buy songs to learn at different levels is great, may be the only barrier for Latin America market it is the language too many people do not speak English and it is difficult to recommend Playground to others here in Mexico. But definitely Playground it is great!